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The nature of lion starts from 22nd July to 21st August.
If you are LEO, then you should read it because this what you will definetly connect to it.

And if you are not LEO, then you should defnelty read this so that you can understand them and who knows might be your next crush is LEO.


A leo is more often called as the lion of the kingdom. What do you mean by this, A lion is confident for everything, the hair of lion is attractive and also the cat family is too big. What do I mean by this ? A leo has courage and a confident nature, that isn’t only attracted by beauty but appreciation ( even in small things ) as well.

Secondly, a leo loves limelight more than they love themselves. You better not take away their limelight. Have you ever seen a sun in solar system, a leo is exactly the same. If they ever get a chance to create a universe, they will keep themselves in center and will get all the attention towards them.

Thirdly, a leo will never give you an opportunity to take their things. They are protective for everything they have, no matter even they are friends, family or even their work. They are always in charge of their superiority.

Fourthly, people don’t easily get comfortable, but a leo easily gets comfortable with anyone. They make space and give you the same to be yourself. They know the importance of comfort level.

Fifth thing, they are creative and way more productive than you think them to be. Their imagination build the things like no one cab, especially when they are wild towards others.

Sixth thing, if a leo loves you by heart, never let it go, otherwise you’ll regret. Why ? Because Leo are loyal and they owe their heart almost to everyone, even someone appreciates them a bit, they will give your heart to you. Remember, a leo friend will always have your back.

Seventh thing, Leo are born leaders, independent creatures, and more like a free bird. As I told you above, leo are confident because they are passionate about their work.

Eighth thing, they are child by heart. They never want to grow up, whether it is a relationship or whether they are the eldest in their home. They will do things, they were doing since their childhood. They do silly mistakes, fight like animals and still don’t regret being themselves.

Ninth thing, they are the most generous souls. They’ll stick to you or they’ll be good to you as long as you are, if you turn your back against them, and bitch about them at back, they’ll show you how exactly back looks like.

Last but not the least, Love, honor, commitment, dedication and trust, seems to be the words way too heavy, but a leo has all these qualities. I need not explain, because I already did in the above points .

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