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The nature of Virgo starts from 23rd August to 22nd September.

Amazing facts about Virgo- they are very difficult to understand. You can not predict what’s going in there mind. Virgos has one of the strongest sex drives of the zodiac. They are very good at getting any kind of information.

So, if you are Virgo you can relate to this and if you are not a Virgo then you will be able to understand Virgo after reading this post.


° A special friend is what everyone needs.

And a Virgo is a friend with extra mile. They won’t leave your hand in anything that is extra. Being a part of them would work for them and that is why they are always ready to do things for others.

° Serious

Virgos are very serious in whatever work they do and especially in the relations they have. If a Virgo is very close to you and if they are your partner, they are very possessive in their relations. So, you can add one more condition for your Mr. Perfect or Mrs.Perfect that he/she should be Virgo. As Virgo can go to any extent for their partner.

° Virgos are introvert and extrovert at the same time.

For the external surroundings, they are very extrovert in nature, they manage the things in a different personality but when it comes to their personal belongings or surroundings, they are as shy as a kid going to school for the first time. It’s hard for them to tell their personal feelings to anyone. They are a turtle in it’s shell.

° Perfectionism

I believed that no one is a perfectionist, but after meeting a Virgo, they are the most super organised  person I’ve ever met. In spite of being a shy person, their every surrounding is as perfect as they are. They won’t do things that has a chance to bring them down.

° Attraction

Like Leos, Virgo doesn’t want a limelight or a centre of attraction rather they want to throw out the light in order to work hard for it. Virgos love to be alone and try to make themselves perfect. They love centre of attraction at some extent but when there are lots of people around them then they get pissed off.

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