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Yes, I can do it. Bhai, kar loge, 10 min, kam toh nahi hai, bahut hai, ek Jhalak ke liye.

Ladhkiaan jitni der mei tayaar ni hoti, utne mei toh  impress karna hai bhai.

We all have crush on one girl or another but we feel shy to talk to them because of the fear that we might loose them. But today I will reveal few secrets that “HOW TO IMPRESS A GIRL IN 10 MINUTES”, because “FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION”

So here are few tricks of HOW TO IMPRESS A GIRL IN 10 MINUTES

1. Appearance

Beard, shirt, macular body, if you have these three, the girl is already impressed. In case you don’t have, beard is mandatory, dekho bhai, beard par ladhkiyan sabse zyada marti hai, agar aisa na ho, toh Ranveer Singh ki ramleela bina shirt ke kaise hoti, Ranbeer Kapoor ki Rockstar. Beard rakho toh aisi, varna na hi rakho.

Agreed that not everybody goes to gym but this also true no girl will like a nasuk si kali. 

What girls like is, beard, folded sleeves, macular legs, formals. I guarantee that every girl will get flat if you have all of these. As no one is perfect, I told you about beard, macular, and now it comes to what you’ll wear.

Don’t be too colorful, like POPATLAL of Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasma.

Maintain your hair. Come them nicely, don’t stick them, use gel to keep your hair good. Stand them up,

Height, every girl loves that combination of long boy and short girl, the cutest combination, try your height to be more than her, be smart.

2. Pour your heart out.

The biggest mistake we all do that in order to over impress the girl we start pretending.

Be what you are, don’t pretend, pata hai na ladhkiyan CBI se bhi zyada achi inquiry karti hai, walk on a safer side.

Second thing, every girl is not money minded, do things which you can do, which you are happy to do. Remember Siddharth Malhotra from Student of the Year. Be original


Do wear strong deo, or perfumes because boys sweat a lot, a looooooooooottttttttttttttt. And all your efforts will go in vain.


When you’ll walk towards her, maintain your eye contact. This will help her to look only at you. Ab bhai jab tum itni mehnat kar rahe ho, toh uska result bhi aana chahiye na. Why Shah Rukh Khan is so famous, he maintains eye contact with every girl, Ab Shah Rukh Khan ban na hi hai, toh yeh bhi karo. Impress karna hai na ladhki ko, ache se karo.


Instead of saying hi from far, go close, shake hands with her, be confident, haath ni todhna uska. Firm handshake with a cute smile can impress the girl in one go.

If you are successful in doing these five things, no one can stop you to impress that girl, or nay girl. What are you waiting for, go ahead.

Best of luck  !! 

Share your experience or if you have more tricks for poor boys them do leave them in comments



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