Nobody Expected this! Vicks Vaporub to happen this
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Now a days we use latest beauty products but one of the best product or miracle is in the back of your medicine cabinet – Vicks VapoRub

Its been around 100 years that vicks is doing miracles in the market. You will be surprised to learn that vicks is a supposed treatment for so much more than just a congested chest.



1) Decongest Your Chest  

The most common use of vicks that we all know is to decongest your chest and throat area and yes can be used a person of any age group.





2On Your Tootsies

Another best way in which you can use vicks is on your toothsies. Vicks has been practically proved better than any other heal repairing cream other cosmetic products.  Generously rub vicks on your feet in the nighttime and cover it with the socks. And in one time you will see the major effect and you’ll wake up a new, hacking free woman.

3) Achy Breaky Muscles

Another use of vicks is that it can act as a remedy for achy breaky muscles. It help in relieves of your overworked muscles. It also increases blood-circulation and provides instant aid. Apply it all over the aching area and you will feel relieve in no time.





4) Get Rid of Nasty Nail Fungus

Vicks help you to get rid of your nail fungus. It takes few days but yes it is an effective product. It few days time your nail will become dark this ensures that vicks is killing the nail fungus. Apply it for at least 3-4 weeks so that it can kill all the bacteria’s completely and you will have a fungus free feet.




5)  Go Away Mosquitoes

One of the best use of vicks. We all are facing the problem of mosquito bite. But no one knows that a small box of vicks in your medicine cabinet can help you out. Yes which no other product can do vicks can do it easily. Just apply small dabs of vicks on your exposed skin and mosquitoes will stay away from you. And if by chance you get bitten by the mosquito than apply the vicks at that part and cover it with the band-aid and you will be free from itching and you can have mosquitoes free night.





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